Meet Kshitij, The Brilliant Musician From NIT, Bhopal -


Meet Kshitij, The Brilliant Musician From NIT, Bhopal

Under every college roof, there are a number of talented students, most of whom are hidden from the world and ever since we’ve started unearthing this pool through our Boombox segment, we’ve come across one mesmerising artist after another.

So, after we gave you the amazing dancer Sudhana Shankar’s Bharatnatyam piece on ‘Closer’ & Yash Dadlani’s Beatboxing journey, we bring to you another wonderful musician to add to our ever expanding list of college talents.

Kshitij Singh, a second year B. Tech in Computer Science student at NIT Bhopal, started learning the piano and tabla when he was just 10 years old. With a supportive family, Kshitij tried his hand on almost every instrument over the years, and gradually turned to composition & production.


He learnt the art of music production & composition all by himself, for which he gives full credit to practice & experience.

I often tried my best to record my own music from the limited equipment that I had, watching videos, imitating people and what not. Now, I can record my own “radio-ready” tracks and edit my videos and put them up. After uploading audios on SoundCloud, I started my YouTube Channel having all my covers and original tracks.

Here’s his cover of the song- Shape of You (Ed Sheeran):

Kshitij first started performing in school, but the gigs started only after he got into college; where people started recognizing him and his work. He talks about how college aided him in increasing his reach- new people, friends & a totally different mindset from school. While his favourite place for competitions is IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo, he has also performed at various open mics & done video shoots at cafes. He is now looking forward to do bigger shows in and outside the city as well as collaborate with different artists.

Check out his cover of The One (Chainsmokers) at Café Ritrovo, which he shot in one take!

Kshitij also talks about how independent artists and creators on YouTube like Tyler Ward, Our Last Night, Boyce Avenue, Kurt Schneider and more, have been his inspiration. He aspires to be a successful YouTuber (already has his own channel), performer and musician, while his biggest dream is to be an independent artist & making a music video without a record label.

Definitely going to see more of Kshitij in the near future!

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By the Editorial Team.