Meet Madhura, The Remarkable Poet From Kolkata -


Meet Madhura, The Remarkable Poet From Kolkata

Airplane Poetry Movement (APM) has become a household name in the poetry community and not without reason. The kind of exposure and opportunity this platform is giving the upcoming as well as established spoken-word artists is spectacular and unmatched. Every now and then, we get the opportunity to know some of the brilliant poets discovered by APM. Earlier, we told you about Angshuman & Fathima and today, we have another poet whose words are as thought-provoking as they are beautiful.


Meet Madhura Banerjee, a 1st year M. Sc. Computer Science student, at St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, who fell in love with poetry the moment she watched her first poetry slam piece online. When she observed the power and strength that accompanied it, she decided to take her words to the stage to give them that added dimension.

And that’s exactly what she did. Here, watch one of her captivating and beautifully performed pieces:

The first time that I performed poetry before an audience was in June, 2015. It was at a homely gathering, in Calcutta, where everyone was just starting to appreciate the culture of spoken word poetry. Since then, I have performed at various poetry slams across the city, which ultimately led to exclusive shows on stage. I strive to tell my story and inspire people and get inspired in the process myself.

Madhura has performed at various platforms like- Apeejay Kolkata Literary fest, Soul Slam Journal, Papercup Poetry Slam, Poetry Slam by The Bombay Review, Presidency University Poetry Slam and many more.


The first thing about performance poetry that inspires me is the fearlessness that comes with it and how invincible it makes me feel. Spoken word gave me the courage to speak out about the issues I am passionate about and be unapologetic about them.

Patrick Roche, Phil Kaye & Hussain Haidry are the performance poets who inspire this talented student. For those of you wanting to catch her live, she has an exclusive performance poetry show coming up soon in Kolkata. And we are pretty sure she’s going to have a lot more of such performances knowing how talented she is! So make sure you watch out for this one.


By the Editorial Team.