Meet Monis, The Actor, Host & Comic from Jamia -


Meet Monis, The Actor, Host & Comic from Jamia

SRCC, Delhi’s Crossroads was much like all the other festivals. There were a number of exciting events that saw a number of fantastic performers take to the stage.. and own it! One of them, that stood out most, was Monis Ahmad Khan, because of his participation in multiple events, most of which he even won! So, after meeting Nalin, our previous week’s talent-in-focus, it’s time to get acquainted with Monis, the extra talented and versatile student of Jamia Millia Islamia University. Here’s his performance from SRCC Crossroads’s Mono Acting Competition:

An MA Architecture student, Monis is not just a theatre artist and a standup comic. An avid YouTuber and a popular Instagrammer with more than a thousand followers, Monis is an RJ, a debater and a dancer, he’s a poet who writes in English, Urdu, and Hindi and he’s a person who is frequently called upon to anchor events at big fests like SRCC’s Crossroads and above all, as he says so himself, he’s an entertainer.

When we saw Monis perform at Crossroads, we couldn’t help but chat with him further. He revealed a number of interesting stories, talking about why he competes and what he aspires to do. Read on, you’ll thank us later!

By the Editorial Team