Meet This Brilliant Spoken Word Poet From Pune -


Meet This Brilliant Spoken Word Poet From Pune

When we talk about college festivals, dancers and singers pop up in our mind almost immediately. We’ve all seen breathtaking choreography, mesmerising music and spectacular acting at college fests but a wave that has taken to fests currently is that of performance poetry.

Performance poetry, or spoken word poetry has gained immense popularity and a number of college stages are opening up to the event. At FLAME University’s festival, FLAME Kurukshetra in Pune, we came across a number of spectacular poets who took to the stage (or rather mic) and opened their hearts out to everyone present. The talent at the event was scintillating and considering it is World Poetry Week, we thought no better way of celebrating than by bringing to you one of the finest poetry performance.

A student of FLAME University itself, here’s Vishwambhar Anand Vaidyam performing his piece titled ‘Tam Brams’. Touching and riveting, this is a must watch!

“I started with writing rap in the 7th grade. I could always write the lyrics bu, I wasn’t much of a rapper so I couldn’t really perform and I had no idea what performance poetry was till I came to college. I got here and saw a few people performing slam poetry at our college’s talent night and something clicked – it was almost perfect. It was the perfect blend of lyrics and performance through which maybe I could perform,” says the young artist.

A first year student at FLAME, Vishwambhar has been performing poetry for  roughly 8 months. So far, he has performed at two college fests, ReVerse – at AIT Pune, and his own college fest.

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A regular at open mics around Pune, Vishwambhar may soon be performing in Hyderabad, as that is where he hails from. In Pune, he can be spotted at the open air theatre –  Lost the Plot and the book cafe –  Pagdandi.

Vishwambhar’s piece called ‘Tam Brams’ is a perfect blend of emotions, wit and literary talent.

“It’s a little bit of an origin story, but mostly about someone close to me being an addict and how it has affected his life and mine,” he says talking about the performance.

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By the Editorial Team