Meet Valia College's Famous In Dark Crew -


Meet Valia College’s Famous In Dark Crew

At, each new day brings in new, exciting talent. Everyday, we come across some amazingly talented college students who are waiting for the world to recognise their talent. So, after giving you a brilliant photographer’s photo story, a Bharatnatyam dancer’s piece on ‘Closer’, & an incredible musician, we bring to you, a phenomenal dance crew from Valia College, Mumbai.


This group of boys, all in different streams (BMS, BCom & BMM) of first year of college, started dancing together very early on, since they were all in the same school. They performed at numerous annual functions, & once they stepped into college, decided to continue dancing together and formed their crew- ‘Famous In Dark’. Their crew is the first ever street dance team from their college to participate at festivals!

If you don’t believe us when we say they are incredible, take a look for yourselves:

Their first college level performance was at Tolani College, where they ended up winning the competition! After that, there was no turning back for the crew. Being thoroughly motivated, they decided to participate and perform at as many events & fests that they could. And that’s exactly what they did.

They not only performed at multiple college festivals, but also at various other stage shows and events, bringing their total to more than 100! They also represented Mumbai in 2015 at BITS Pilani Goa’s annual cultural fest, Waves. Drawing inspiration from the Fictitious Crew, they have now upgraded their level and moved on to following International Dance Teams, & are now planning to participate in reality shows.


They aspire to be one of the best dance groups in the world & are definitely- visibly working towards it.

Signing off, they said that where they are now, is all because of their passion and hardwork since their college didn’t do much to help them; and all they want is for colleges & other platforms encourage artists by showcasing their work and supporting them.

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By the Editorial Team.