Meet The Super Talented Members Of Venky's Music Society, Crescendo -


Meet The Super Talented Members Of Venky’s Music Society, Crescendo

If you have been following DU’s music scene for a while now, there’s no way you mustn’t have heard of Sri Venkateswara College’s Western Music Society, Crescendo. One of the most well-known and fabulous music societies of all time, Crescendo has been bustling with great talent since the past 20 years.

With a new year comes a new bunch of talented students. Sumer Bhatia, the President of Crescendo, is one of the most versatile and gifted musicians we have ever come across. And this year, they made a very special and fun video introducing each one of their members! Take a look:

“This year Crescendo Western Music Society is not just a music society, it is a movement of sorts where one is free to express themselves through harmonic and rhythmic mediums. We offer full freedom to a musician to just go and enjoy music without any restrictions of genre and sound. The most important aspect of music that most of us forget in the fests is that music should be played to express and not to impress. It is very important that we learn to stay true to our sound that each and every member has developed over the years with practice and inspiration. My whole focus this year is that my society does not focus on the competitive side of the music but just enjoy and explore as much as they can so their musicianship is enhanced,” says Sumer.


One of the great things about this society is that they have such varied interests in music- while the seniors enjoy indie, jazz, blues and folk, the juniors wholeheartedly enjoy rock, pop, country and ballad, because of which the society carries forward an amalgamation of many interests. Their alumni too, have been frontrunners in establishing the independent music scene in India and still continue to make music with a global reach.

This year, Sumer and his team promise to take forward Crescendo’s legacy and put out some absolutely brilliant music. We are eagerly looking forward to watching them on stage this fest season and you must too!


By the Editorial Team.