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Have You Met This Venky Music & Sports Star

If Jai Hind College is where talent in Mumbai breeds, Sri Venkateswara College, commonly known as Venky gotta be the Delhi version of it. The college has given us a number of star-talent, from Birraj to Sumer to Ishan, each one shining in their own spotlights and so, when we watched Ashanis Tuteja, a familiar face perform at Hindu College’s Mecca (watch out for his performance coming soon on ATKT.in), we couldn’t help but get a few minutes with him to know more—we knew there was a lot to gain!

A first year Economics student at Venky, Ashanis, a composer and fabulous musician started his musical journey about ten years back when his parents brought home his first guitar. Much like a quintessential Indian situation, he started performing at an early age- when parents pester you to display your newly found talent (the guitar in his case) and embarrass you in front of guests at dinner parties!


In the ebbs and flows of this scenario, Ashanis never realized the precise moment when he transitioned to ‘willingly’ enjoying playing music- the moment where music genuinely became an integral part of his life. The now well-trained musician, Ashanis first performed for a large audience when he was in the 9th grade in Lucknow as a member of his school’s Instrumental Band. He subsequently started songwriting and composing his own music, and picked up other instruments like the piano, ukulele and the harmonica. Wanting to showcase his talent and learn more, he started his YouTube channel in class 12(read stress buster) where he posted covers of hit pop songs and also regularly performed at local venues in Pune before shifting to Delhi for college.

Currently, Ashanis is the lead vocalist and guitarist in his newly formed band, ‘The Mobius Strip’. Their first composition “Open your Eyes” has been written by him and this fest season, they performed at various festivals and stages including Hansraj College, NLU Delhi, FMS, Ashoka University and even placed 2nd at Dilli Haat.

He also participated in the instrumental solo events at NIFT Delhi and Hindu College where he performed his original composition, ‘Wheel of Life’.

If you’re wondering where to catch him live, he will be performing with his band at the remaining fests of this season- IIITD’s Odyssey and Shaheed Bhagat Singh College.

Ashanis’ story is an exciting one and just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we saw this.


“I’m a national level basketball player and I represented the state of Uttar Pradesh at the Youth and Junior Nationals. I was admitted into college through the sports quota and currently I’m a part of Sri Venkateswara College’s Basketball Team. We’ve participated at various sports fests this year like BITS Pilani, SRCC, and placed 1st in LSR.

This was my first fest season as a musician and the exposure has taught me a lot, so I’m looking forward to taking my music to greater heights in the coming two years,” he says.

If you’re dancing with joy knowing that we’re going to be seeing more of Ashanis, we’re in the same boat!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team