Mood Indigo's Stand Up Comedy Highlights -


Mood Indigo’s Stand Up Comedy Highlights

It’s been almost a month since IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo got over but we haven’t been able to get ourselves out of the MI Mood and zone. One of the reasons we are able to live in our little bubble of fun and excitement is the amazing highlight videos of some of the most brilliant events at Mood-I.

There were a number of street dances that absolutely blew our minds away and we made sure to report them to you guys first. After this, we even brought to you a Best of the Best of Bollywood & Dance Dramas that were performed at ChreoNite.

This week, we’re back with an event that made our stomachs hurt from the very first second it started. That’s right, no points for guessing- it was the ‘HumorUS Stand Up Comedy’ Competition. Students and comics were seen in their most hilarious avatars- cracking jokes on a plethora of topics and doing their best at creating a laugh riot.

We know you want to wait no more. Here’s what went down at the event:


Fear Not, this isn’t the end of it. Catch the 3 most hilarious acts from this competition here.

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