Meet The Multi-Talented Organiser Of Sri Venkateswara's Nexus -


Meet The Multi-Talented Organiser Of Sri Venkateswara’s Nexus

Our O.C. (Oh See) talent segment is all about shining the spotlight on the super talented students who always remain behind the scenes to make sure that we get the best experience at their college festival. So, after we told you about the spectacular artist from Sophia College, Aditi Rego, we bring to you a multi-talented student from Sri Vankateswara College – Lakshya Manchanda.

Lakshya started learning basketball back in 2007 when he was in the 6th standard; and within a span of just 3 months, he represented his school team!

I was a chubby but notorious kid who wanted to get in better shape and my mother too, wanted me to get involved in some physical activity, so eventually it all settled in the right place.

Around the same time Lakshya also started taking part in dramatics. He participated in college festivals at BITS Pilani, St. Stephen’s and a few more in both, basketball as well as dramatics competitions.

When asked about what the difference is between being a participant and an organizer, this is what this what he had to say,

The major difference is that as a participant you simply have to perform and enjoy with your friends then and there, but once when you are an organizer your work starts months before the festival dates. So the experience of being an organizer is much more fun and vast than being a participant.

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Initially, he worked on the online marketing of his college festival, but he later helped in getting sponsors on board too.

Organizing a festival is not a one man sport. It requires a team of talented people who must work as a team and with the guidance of the right seniors and the college staff respectively. Thankfully Venky has always had the best of all. So as an artist, one happens to adapt some good managerial skills.

For Lakshya, looking back and realizing how far he’s come, is inspiration enough to keep him going. He aspires to be the best version of himself, who people will look up to someday.

“All I can say is that I’ve simply learnt a lot and have got the best experience and exposure one can from these festivals,” he says signing off.

We are definitely excited to see more of Lakshya in the coming year! So make sure you watch out for him.


By the Editorial Team.