Mumbai, Are You Ready For Airplane Poetry Movement's Next Contest? -


Mumbai, Are You Ready For Airplane Poetry Movement’s Next Contest?

Since 2013, Airplane Poetry Movement has been giving a much-deserved platform to spoken word poets to showcase their work. Without APM, we probably wouldn’t have been introduced to the several brilliantly talented poets!

Today, we tell you about another one of APM’s exciting events that will be held at Mumbai. They have collaborated with Why Indian Men Rape for a poetry show ‘Flesh is Flesh is Flesh: My Body Is Mine’.

Why Indian Men Rape (WIMR) is a not-for-profit multimedia gender journalism and activism project. The purpose behind it is to explore the gamut of unique ethnological reasons—social, cultural, traditional, legal, economic, geographic, religious, psychological, etc—that cause sexual violence in the subcontinent.

APM & WIMR are joining hands to work towards correcting the gender imbalance in society with a series of curated poetry performances in the month of July. The aim is to celebrate our bodies- as they are.

And one of those performances could be yours!

This is how you need to go about it:

  • Pick one of the two themes-

Category 1: Cumming of Age- An Ode to the Female Orgasm

Keywords- consent, masturbation, sex, responsibility, erotica, denial, reclamation

Category 2: Imagining Real Bodies- The Paradox of the Body in Media

Keywords- body image, standards, conventions, self-portrait, unconditioning, love.

  • You may send upto two pieces of poetry in word document format.
  • Only original poems that follow one of the themes will be considered.
  • Poems should be under 4 minutes.
  • The subject of your email must be ‘Submission for Flesh/<your name>’
  • Submit your poems to by the 27th of June, 10 pm.
  • You must be from Mumbai, or willing to travel to Mumbai for the event.

The 10 best poets will get a chance to perform for this cause! All the proceeds from the event will go into funding the nationwide research to be conducted by the team of WIMR.

So, what are you waiting for?