Meet This Sensational Musician From DTU -


Meet This Sensational Musician From DTU

Our Talent of the Week segment is all about shining the spotlight on some of the most extraordinary college talent that we have come across in the year gone by. And as you must’ve seen, they never cease to amaze us.

Last week, we told you about Jagriti, the extraordinary poet from Christ University, who gave us goose bumps with her poem ‘Forgive Me Father’, and this week, we bring to you a phenomenal singer and guitarist from Delhi- Jessjit Singh.

Jessjit, a 2nd year Computer Engineering student at Delhi Technological University (DTU), started taking guitar lessons in early 2012. What started off as something his parents pushed him into, slowly became his passion. He is now preparing for his Trinity Grade 8 Classical Guitar exam.


Soon after he came to college last year, he joined the Acapella team which helped him improve his vocals.

I have never taken any formal vocal lessons. It was all the bathroom singing and the ear training lessons that helped me improve.

When you watch this beautiful performance of his at the Talent Tent at Qafila, you will not believe that he doesn’t have any formal training:

For Jessjit, college opened up a lot of opportunities, since he didn’t take any part in cultural activities in school because he was too shy. His first official stage performance was at Cadence, the Annual Music Competition for the Freshers in the society. And guess what? He secured the first position in the Western Vocal Category!

I opened for the band ‘Lagori’ when they came to our college this year (2017). Lately, I have been recording a few covers as well as some self-compositions.

Jessjit’s aim when he performs is to make an impact, while his inspiration comes from inspiring people.

Even if I motivate one person in a crowd of hundreds to learn and see music the way I do, my purpose is served. I don’t do music to what I am capable of but to show what the audience in front of me can be potentially capable of, if they work hard towards their goals.

As of now, he doesn’t know if he wants to pursue music professionally; he just does it for fun, so he doesn’t really aspire to be like someone else. But Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton and Steven Wilson are the artists he loves listening to.


His Acapella team has performed at a lot of places including LHMC, AIIMS’ Pulse and almost the entire Delhi University Circuit! Jessjit has performed in the solo western competition at Delhi Technological University’s Engifest and has also done a duet with his friend, another stunning singer, Apoorva Malik at LHMC.

My goal this year is to go for more solo and duet competitions. There is a lot of talent out there and it’s going to be quite interesting competing as well as collaborating with different musicians in different genres. Apart from this, I plan on working towards the college band as we haven’t been giving enough time to that and I feel that it’s equally important.

We definitely can’t wait to watch more of Jessjit’s performances. So make sure you look out for him in the upcoming fest season, and we will definitely be bringing all of it to you.


By the Editorial Team.