Pehli Pehel- A Digital Platform with the Goal to Save Independent Music in India -


Pehli Pehel- A Digital Platform with the Goal to Save Independent Music in India

For the longest time now, music in India has been dominated by the commercial industry, shifting the spotlight away from the hardworking, independent artists, scattered throughout the landscape of India. To address this issue, Zubaan- a project that works towards building the independent music scene in India- has been trying to bring these musicians together on a digital platform. And thus, Pehli Pehel was born.

Pehli Pehel is a web series that will showcase a collection of 10 video songs by 10 independent artists, one of whom is Kanishk Seth, a student of Jai Hind College, Mumbai. These artists have already performed at several venues across India, along with performing internationally in Moscow.

Started as an initiative to help artists who write and compose their own songs to reach a larger audience base, Pehli Pehel has brought together artists from different backgrounds and will feature songs in seven Indian languages, including, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Koli, Odia, and Sanskrit. Along with a range of local artists, the series will also include a performance by music producer, Kavish Seth, who, along with project co-ordinator Neha Arora and others have been working for the last two years towards garnering as much support for this project as possible.

Talking about this brilliant initiative, Kanishk says,

Pehli Pehel means a lot not just to me but to all the artists in the mainland of India looking forward to collaborating and making music.  For me, this is more than music. This is a revolution which needs to come out and I’m glad I’m seeing it right now.

Zubaan has set up a budget of 5.5 Lakhs for this project, dividing the cost of video production, music production, and logistical support. This is a crowdfunding initiative, where anyone can contribute.

So, if you want to support the artists in our the country and help keep independent music alive and growing in India, contribute here!


By the Editorial Team.