Photo Story by Jai Hind Student: Doors, Windows & Balconies Of Bombay -


Photo Story by Jai Hind Student: Doors, Windows & Balconies Of Bombay

hotography is the story we fail to put into words.

Photographers capture the emotions in people & objects better than anything else can. Deeksha Rathore’s brilliant photo story- ‘Dreamcatcher’ proved exactly that. And today, we bring to you yet another wonderful photographer from Jai Hind, with her incredible photo series.

Presenting to you, Bhoomika Wadhwani, a BMM Journalism Major student, for whom photography came as a support for the blogs & articles she used to write since the time she started her college life in Bombay.

Coming from the city of hills and lakes, Bhopal, I’ve always found myself inclined towards adventure, trekking, travelling and thus, capturing it. In the latter half of 2016, I got my first camera for all my adventure activities, a Go Pro Hero. So, with that my adventure and nature photography began with bursting fervor. However, photography was still what aided the content I wrote unfolding my travel know-how.

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In her 4th semester of college, they had photography as an exclusive subject. That’s when Bhoomika took hold of this opportunity as an erudition experience, while taking up the challenge of creating something completely new. For her, it was yet another leeway to explore the city and take it as a solemn muse.

The structural design in Bombay appeared very diverse to me. From abandoned houses to well-built buildings, everything had something inimitable. Bandra was different from Nepeansea road, the in-lanes of Andheri were different from the interiors of Colaba. Thus, I went on to capture them. But, I had to be focused about my subject, and accordingly shortlisted explicitly, doors, windows and balconies and consequently, these collectively became my final subject.

Here, take a look at her photo story ‘Doors, Windows & Balconies of Bombay’:

When asked about what her aspirations are, this is what the young photographer had to say,

Aspirations keep changing. Sometimes I find myself disposed towards content marketing while sometimes journalism seizes every part of me. But, I know for sure, it will be around the words and photography will always be the support system.

Bhoomika has been a part of our team as a photographer for numerous college festivals across Mumbai, & her work is truly commendable! We hope to see more of her beautiful work very soon.

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By the Editorial Team.