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‘On Marching’- Poetry by Yamini Krishnan

The ATKT.in Cypher is an exclusive community of some of our favourite artists and talent across categories of artforms. 

For August’s ‘Open’ theme, here’s the submission of Yamini Krishnan from St. Mary’s Junior College Pune, a member of the ATKT.in (Poetry) Cypher. 


On Marching


I choose our feet,

Treading the unforgiving concrete.

Our footsteps traversing this city,

Our city,

The city that turned against us,

Stopped being ours,

When its streets called out our names,

And took over our bodies.


I choose the chants,

Surging up like helium balloons.

We are here to make a statement,

As our voices bounce off the corners of this city,

Our city,

The city that placed a rough hand,

Over our mouths when we cried out,

And let our words waste in the background.


I choose us,

With our rotting wounds stitched up,

Ready for the battle we know we need to fight,


With our strong strides in our combat boots,

We are ready to fight,

Taking back this city,

Our city,

The city that sent us packing at sundown,

And locked away the stars.


I choose us,

With our rage and our tears and our  broken hearts,


Here, kicking and screaming,

Despite it all,


In the glow of the evening,

Eyes flickering,

Breathing fire,


Breaking down rotting, closed off doors,

Filling dark alleyways with our roars.



Reclaiming this city,

Our city,

The city that pushed us away,

Not realizing that we could heal its pain.


Conquering the streets that raised us,

With warning after warning,

About how they could hurt us,


As the sunlight fades and the credits begin to roll,

Marching on through the valleys and the rocky ridges,

Until we find even ground.