Meet Pramey, The Super Talented Musician From NIT, Bhopal -


Meet Pramey, The Super Talented Musician From NIT, Bhopal

For our next Boombox entry, we’ve got a musician who plays not just one or two, but three instruments. Meet the tremendously talented Pramey Nigdikar, a Final Year B.Tech Mechanical Engineering student of Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (MAIT), Bhopal, who plays the drums, guitar and tabla.

With his training in Tabla beginning when he was in the 6th standard, Pramey went on to attain the Vid Antim degree in the same. His first ever performance was an Orchestra performance and he hasn’t stopped performing on stage ever since. May it be Annual functions, Republic and Independence Day celebrations or School competitions, he participated in everything.


By college, Pramey was also fascinated by the Guitar and was selected for his college’s Cultural Society, Roobaroo. Here too, he participated in all the cultural activities since the beginning and later moved on to managing the shows. He performed at Maffick, the annual cultural fest of MANIT, represented his college at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo in the Rock Band Competition and also did a stage show at the CI Hyundai Launch.

Pramey has come a long way since then and after being elected as the First Coordinator of Roobaroo last year, he is now the Head Representative of this fabulous society!

Watch one of their amazing performances at NIT’s International Conference:

Talking about his inspirations, this is what the young musician had to say,

To be honest, the first person I ever saw performing on stage was my elder sister, she’s a Kathak dancer. So, she’s my first inspiration for sure. Chris Martin from Coldplay, Farhan Akhtar and many more such legends are some musicians I look up to.

The idea of being on stage is what excites Pramey. He feels that the stage is the boundary between the audience and the artist; it is the boundary that separates the special from the ordinary.

I was always interested in being behind or on stage rather than being a part of audience. Also, the feeling that you get when the audience leaves with a smile on their faces after your show, is a feeling worth living for. It’s always good to know that you can make someone happy because of your talent.

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Even though Pramey is disappointed that his college doesn’t help or encourage any cultural activities, he knows that they themselves are responsible for growing each other’s talents.

Roobaroo’s next gig is the Gig-A-Night 4.0 which is going to take place real soon. They have also conducted live musical and open mic sessions called Shaam-E-Sangeet, and are going to have its second installment in the near future. Besides this, they are also working on short films and will soon be releasing their first one.

“Lastly, I want to say that I won’t be there with Roobaroo from next year but I know I’m leaving behind a more talented and mature team than me which is capable of running this society on their own, regardless of all the hurdles and problems that come in the way. So stay tuned for more such events,” he says, signing off.

We are eagerly waiting for Pramey as well as Roobaroo to come out with more such amazing music.

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