Meet Raghav, The Exceptional Musician From Shiv Nadar Uni -


Meet Raghav, The Exceptional Musician From Shiv Nadar Uni

The time has come to bring to you our next Talent of the Week, and we couldn’t be more excited. With so much insane talent out there among these college students, it is impossible to ever run out of people to include in this segment. So, here we are, with yet another one of these brilliant artists- a musician, to be precise.

Raghav Puri, a student from Shiv Nadar University, has been playing the guitar since he was nine years old and that perhaps, is what has turned him into such an amazing performer. He considers the guitar to be almost like a part of him now. His love for music was born out of his love for the guitar and the way it sounded.

Watch Raghav perform this stunning Godfather theme cover at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous:

Everyone has that one point in their lives, where they are hit with the understanding of what they are most passionate about. For Raghav, it happened right after his first performance:

My first performance was at a music festival in 2011 at my school, St. Columba’s which provided me with a strong platform. That’s when I realized the power music holds and the amount of happiness it can bring to people.

His inspiration comes from the overwhelming desire to make music and spread its love among people.

Talking about his aspirations in life, Raghav said,

I aspire to learn with each song I make, play music throughout my life and share it with more and more people.

Raghav has already performed in a number of college fests in Delhi which includes his solo performances at IIT Delhi and NIFT. He is currently a part of two bands: Asteroids (Shiv Nadar University) and Karmic Police. They’ve performed and won in many Battle of Bands’ competitions including Delhi University Fests.

Check out our exclusive interview with Raghav where he talks about his passion for music:

Raghav will continue to carry his passion forward. He shall be playing in upcoming fests soon with new songs to get everyone in the groove. Doesn’t get any better than this!

By the Editorial Team.