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Our Rendezvous With The Desi Hoppers

The Desi Hoppers are one of the most talented dance crews in India, who have managed to inspire young dancers all over the country with their drive and passion. If you are eager to know more about this amazing dance crew, join us in our rendezvous with the boys, as they talk about their journey, their struggles and their interpretation of dance.

  • Tell us how your dance journey began as the Desi Hoppers?

Shantanu: The three of us (Nimit, Macedon, and Shantanu) were in the same college. Macedon was also with me in the show Dil Dosti Dance. That’s where we met Palki Malhotra, who was the creative head of the show. We shared with her our dream to compete and represent India on an international level through dancing. Nimit was also a part of D3, he had choreographed a lot of dances. She took it forward and made a show around it where our journey was being documented. We auditioned around the whole country, trained a lot, then we had to start eliminating people and finally the seven of us were left, along with Palki ma’am.


  • What brings you guys together as a team?

Shantanu: Passion for Dance, thought process, style and bonding.

Nimit: Bonding as brothers.

  • What are your views about college fests nowadays?

Nimit: I think originality is lacking these days. We used to get inspired by watching videos and make our own steps. Now they copy the whole choreography or the style. Of course, there are some who are trying to implement their own style.

Macedon: I went to a competition, just to watch. There was one group that was truly original, and made sure everything was new. They were trying to do their own thing.

  • Do you like going to college fests?

Shantanu: Yes I love it, because it reminds me of my time at college and we keep comparing our time to how it is now.

  • What did you feel like after winning World of Dance?

Shantanu: For a long time, we couldn’t believe that we had actually won. It made a huge difference. Yeah, we were obviously very happy because none of us expected to win. After the performance, we were like, okay, we have given our best, we got a standing ovation, that’s about it. And it was surprising because we didn’t expect it. Because when you start expecting, that’s when, you know, there’s more scope for disappointment and less for happiness. It was the best thing that could have happened to us in our lives.


  • While your journey in preparing towards World of Dance competition, did you face any specific crisis?

Shantanu: Yeah, we had to change the choreography like a week before the competition. There was supposed to be one girl who was supposed to perform with us, but she didn’t get her visa, so we had to change all the positions.

Nimit: Also, while rehearsing one of the guys had a lower back problem, he fell from a great height, directly on his lower back, (Jack) also had a bad shoulder, Sushant injured his thumb and Jack sprained his ligaments. So, everybody had a lower back and knee problem, and the competition was very close. But we forgot all the pain when we started performing. We still don’t know how we performed.

Shantanu: We were in a trance when we were performing, so we have no idea what happened on the stage.

  • Did you feel any difference after coming back to India?

Nimit: Like now we are the champions.

Shantanu, and Sushant: Like a new journey begins.


  • So, what is your message to the current college students? As a team, or as individuals.

Shantanu- Dance for yourself, not to just be famous, or get more followers or likes. Understand why you are dancing, maybe it is as a hobby. So, take it as a hobby and then dance. Make it as your career and then dance. Give it your 100%. That’s very important.

Nimit: All I can say is that if you want to dance, if you want to become successful in this field then be original. Try to innovate and don’t just copy. Understand. Maybe, get inspired and just start dancing. Also, at the same time, find where your talent lies, other than dancing, so that you can choose a better thing. There’s a lot of scope in this career, you can be a choreographer, a dance teacher. So be wise.

Sushant- For me, I feel dancing should not be done to make someone jealous You should teach what you know to others. We should spread and share. So, this will enhance the dance culture, while also improving our inner talent.


  • Any one line before you leave?

Sushant-Keep dancing.

Shantanu: Bindaas Naach!


By Lipi Bag

For the ATKT.in Editorial Team.