Meet Rohan, The Spectacular Vocalist From Jaypee Institute -


Meet Rohan, The Spectacular Vocalist From Jaypee Institute

Our Boombox Platform is bursting with immensely talented college students- Dancers, photographers, musicians, bands & there’s alot more still left to come! So, here’s adding another outstanding musician to our list.

Meet Rohan Bharti, a third year computer science student at Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, & an amazing singer. He started playing the guitar when he was in the 9th grade, and also had his first stage performance that year, in an intra-college rock band competition. What started off as a hobby, turned into a passion in no time. Rohan started gathering the proper knowledge required to create music in the past few months, and has since started posting videos on his own YouTube channel.

I started performing when I was in school. I was a part of a rock band, the lead vocalist, but then with time I got more into pop and Bollywood music, which is basically what you’d find on my YouTube Channel.
Rohan has also performed at various school competitions, as well as numerous college fests, but he his focus has always been his channel.



When asked about what inspires him, this is what the talented musician had to say,

It is the reaction of the crowd which keeps me going. Be it a live show or a music video, even the slightest compliment makes me want to do more. It is my fan base, not so huge yet, that keeps me going.

After watching this video, you will definitely become a part of his fan base!

It’ll be a dream come true for the to-be engineer if he gets the chance to become an artist, & we know that for such a talented guy, that will not be a tough feat to achieve!Currently focusing on his YouTube Channel, we sure hope to see a lot more of Rohan very soon!

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