Six Spectacular College Beatboxers of 2016 -


Six Spectacular College Beatboxers of 2016

A talent that amazes everyone, no matter how young or old you are is beat-boxing. Beat-boxing done right is not just mesmerising but also captivating- often makes you want to learn the art yourself too!

A number of college students have taken to the art of beat-boxing and mind you, they really have! Festival after festival- ¬†from Wilson College’s Polaris to IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous, beatboxers shone in the spotlight. And how! Take a look:

The Thakur College Beatboxers who killed it at ‘Choli Ke Peeche’ and made spectacular music from junk at Wilson College’s Polaris in July

Next came Sophia College for Women’s Kaleidoscope Festival.’s Talent Tent at ‘Kscope’ was a phenomenal affair that brought together college students from across the city to perform at the festival through the day – almost like a music fest. A number of spectacular things went down, one of which was this impromptu collaboration between VIBE aka Prashant Nair and Sitarist from Goa, Mansoor Khan. Take a look!

Talent Tent also gave us the opportunity to listen to various types of beat-boxing, not just music. Here’s what Danny Marshall did at the Talent Tent, flaunting his Reggae Beatboxing skills!

Manav Modi is a what we would be happy to call a ‘Star Performer.’ When he visited us in office and showed us a preview of what he would be performing at the Talent Tent, we were mind-blown, awestruck and amazed, all together! Here’s why:

When we saw her at IIT Delhi’s Rendezvous, we didn’t think twice before asking her to give us an exclusive! Meet Isha Chakravarty from Gargi College, Delhi who managed to stun us and break the monotony of boys being on this list.
You can thank us later!

The last on this list, but definitely not the least in anything is Rajasthan’s talented star- Divyansh Kacholia. One of the country’s brightest, biggest and undoubtedly one of the best beat-boxers, we were lucky to catch hold of Divyansh because here’s what happened:

If you think this is exceptional talent, catch some of these dance performances and prepare yourself to be amazed!

By the Editorial Team