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Learning About Sports Journalism At The Edutainment Show

The Edutainment Show did not miss out on any speaker from the various aspects of the entertainment industry on 20th May,2017 at the Sahara Star Hotel, Mumbai. Arjun Pandit and Jatin Sapru, who were Star sports presenters and producers, spoke on the scope of Sports Journalism.

The humorous lot narrated various incidents from their career- some were fun and the rest highlighted the struggle they had to face before they became broadcast journalists and producers. Mr. Arjun, winner of the reality show Dream Job, and a cricket presenter at Star Sports, spoke on how he felt when he got his first salary of only Rs. 6000. He also told people not to get carried away by the glamour in the industry and do their research on the obstacles that they had to face. He encouraged aspirants to take up journalism and paid emphasis on the code of conduct. He said,

If you want to be a journalist, please be an ethical journalist. The nation does not want to know.


Mr. Jatin, a football presenter at Star Sports said,

Love your job. Yes, it involves a lot of travelling and every day is a new day. There is no way you can be prepared; you need to have a presence of mind.

He also said that it is really important to be passionate about the game you will present and that’s why research is important. They screened a small video clip of a producer’s room during a broadcast. They went on to speak about the technical aspects of how a newsroom functions and gave in-depth information on every tiny detail of the functioning of a newsroom.


Undoubtedly, their session opened up a bunch of opportunities that sports journalism can offer. Not only did they try to explain the tact of speaking on live television, but also informed everyone about the various aspects of sports journalism, thereby giving a realistic view on it.


Written by Urvashi Valecha

Edited by the ATKT.in Editorial Team.