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Learning plus Fun At SRCC Business Conclave’s Day 1

India’s largest undergraduate management fest “The Business Conclave SRCC” kick started on the 7th of February. The fest, that continued for a period of three days was organised to exchange the ideas among management students. With a number of eminent personalities gracing the occasion and sharing enlightening thoughts, here are the highlights of the most exciting Day 1 at SRCC’s Business Conclave:

Nothing can be better than listening to Mr. Srinivasan, the managing director of India Cements and also the President of BCCI, giving an excellent start to the festival.  Mr. Srinivasan enlightened the audience with his story of creating India cements to becoming the President of Madras Chambers (a lesser known chamber of commerce) to becoming the president of BCCI. He explained the challenges faced by him due to the environment lobbies, banning of CSK, demonetisation and the reforms of 1990 . The answer to all these problems was to recognise the continuous change and coping with it .


The next speaker at the Business Conclave was an alumni of IIM Ahmedabad, Mr Arvind Subramanian,the Chief Economic Adviser of India who started his speech explaining his duties and role. He talked about two important events that occurred in 2016 i.e. GST and Demonetisation. The centre of attraction of Mr. Arvind’s speech was how he cited the example of Gandhi ji and his belief that giving money to poor is not a solution to poverty in the economy; the solution is creating job opportunities.

The 3rd speaker for the day was the young CEO and founder of HIKE messenger Mr. Kavinbharti Mittal.
Mr. Mittal came from having achieved a very high rank in the society at an extremely young age. He talked about the startup culture, how he got the idea of creating Hike while eating golgappas in CP and how he is pleased to know that he has touched peoples lives by creating Hike. He also discussed the effects of excessive use of social media on one’s personal life. As an answer to one of the questions asked by the audience, he revealed his secret of being calm i.e. meditation.


After listening to so many business tycoons and people related to finance sector, the political debate was up next. It was handled by Mr. HN Tiwari, faculty head of students union SRCC and on the panel, they had Mr. Sanjay Jha ( national spokes person of INC), Mr. Raghav Chadha ( national spokes person of AAP) and Mr. Rajat Sethi (BJP Strategist). It is not a hidden fact that as soon as members of AAP, INC and BJP start debating, the debating platform becomes a battle ground and that is what ensued at SRCC’s Business Conclave. They talked about GST, participation of youth in politics and the budget 2017. There was lot of grilling of different political parties (as expected) but Mr. HN Tiwari controlled the situation very well.


The second last speaker of the day was Mr. Venkaiah Naidu, the urban development minister of India. Mr Naidu’s main focus was the emerging smart cities in India and how the Indian government is right now focusing on making 100 cities smart cities which will act as a light house for other potential cities. He also explained the importance of cycling and other non polluting techniques , which are necessities if India wants to grow. His words were a great inspiration to the audience to help India grow.


The highlight of the day 1 was the presence of none other than Mr. Govinda. The magic of Govinda was all over the audience even before he entered.  In his stay of just 25 minutes, he inspired the audience with his words about the importance of parents in one’s life.

Govinda’s presence in itself can be called a perfect end to a perfect day of the Business Conclave.

Written by Anjana Saini.
Edited by the ATKT.in Editorial Team.