St. Xavier's Students Present 'The Murder Of Cinderella' At Cuckoo Club -


St. Xavier’s Students Present ‘The Murder Of Cinderella’ At Cuckoo Club

Making Saturday night plans? Then we have just the thing for you. The students of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai are presenting their much loved musical ‘The Murder of Cinderella’, at the Cuckoo Club at 8:30 pm this Saturday, the 26th of August. They performed this play at Brewbot last month and as expected, the audience absolutely loved it. That night, The Murder of Cinderella won many hearts. And we are super excited to see them on stage once again (and so should you, trust me.)

Last time around, we told you everything you needed to know about this very unique and interesting musical; this time we decided to have a conversation with Evita-Marie Marques, a SYBMM student of Xavier’s and the writer & director of this brilliant play, so that she could tell us a little something about this talented bunch of students who play these challenging characters with great finesse. Here’s what she had to say about the play and each character:

In my version of Cinderella, the story doesn’t have a happy ending. The world that I have imagined Cinderella to be living in is a reflection of the modern world where good and evil reside within the same person. It is a constant battle of being selfless and selfish, how much of our actions are governed by the minds of ourselves or the norms of the society that we are living in.

Now, let me introduce you to our cast,

Kesang Tshering Bhutia as Prince Charming

An actor so deeply integrated with his character that his sincerity to the role will really tug at your heart strings. Kesang is a perfect fit for Prince Charming. His dynamic personality, good looks and suave personality really work in his favour of delivery as an actor. He’s a pleasure to work with.


Letisha Fernandes as Cinderella

Letisha brings a sense of maturity to the role of Cinderella that is very much her own. She is a beautiful girl and her performance as an independent woman caught in the wire trappings of a nasty world is powerful. As a director, Letisha is a wonderful person and an even greater actress.


Aanya Dhingra as Fairy Godmother

She has been one of the oldest cast members of this play. She has been with this play when it was nothing but a 6 minute Hinglish sketch at Sophia College’s Kaleidoscope! Aanya’s ability to act without any inhibitions is what makes her performance so captivating to watch. She is truly a diamond in the rough and her debut in the world of theatre is a treat to watch.


Priyanka Paul as Evenlyn Rosario a.k.a. The Stepmother

Priyanka’s interpretation of this classic character is remarkable, she is easy to direct in a way that she knows how to find herself in the character that she plays. She’s a novice at musical theatre but she portrays the duality of the Stepmother beautifully.


Meagan Rebello as Princess Ivy

Playing the sister to Prince Charming and being a second lead is a lot of pressure in itself but Meagan makes this seem so simple. She is a vocal power house and don’t be fooled by her cute petite frame, her bang on portrayal of Ivy will leave even the most tough theatre critic swayed. Her chemistry with the rest of the cast is what makes her an ace of the team.


Marc Gonsalves as Jacob Grimm

It’s almost as if I wrote this character based on Marc’s personality. It’s hard to differentiate between the two and Marc can convincing seduce the audience with his mad energy and sincerity to entertain.


Lizelle Dsouza as Wilhelm Strabos

Lizelle is a woman of envy. She has a remarkably bass voice that resonates powerfully. Her performance of Wilhelm Strabos is musically the most complicated but she will never let you think so.


Shaan Pasricha as Adela Strabos

Shaan and I go way back as we met as little kids, when she auditioned for the role of Adela Strabos, I never imagined that she could sing and act the way she does. She’s an audience favourite and also a personal favourite.


Moses Dsouza as the Judge

Blood, sweat and tears, quite literally. The youngest in age and the one member who has worked the hardest, I’ve seen him transform from a non-actor into a powerful actor. His portrayal of the judge is unparalleled.


Sanjana James as Public Defender Rodrigues

Sanjana came into my cast as a miracle. I needed a replacement and she was absolutely perfect. Apart from co-writing plays together, she delivers in every performance that she takes on. I truly respect her work ethic.


Roshan Pinto as District Attorney Park

Roshan is such a lovable person that when he acts he transforms and he commands the stage with his performance. He is a talented musician and now he is making his acting debut. Truly an amazing person.


I wanted to explore this duality, create characters that are relatable and not heroes to worship. Maybe my kafkaesque way of writing would be a culture shock for those who are Disney loyalist but this play is about humanising the characters in Cinderella, truly putting their actions into perspective, a process I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

This truly twisted and realistic version of our favourite fairytale has been applauded by the theatre community and all the others who have watched it. Now it’s your turn to experience this one-of-a-kind musical, so make sure you don’t miss out!