The Unique Student-Teacher Fashion Show At Gargi College's Reverie -


The Unique Student-Teacher Fashion Show At Gargi College’s Reverie

Gargi College’s Reverie ’17 exceeded everybody’s expectations. Each and every event was fabulous in its own way, and stole everybody’s hearts away. So, after we told you about the Folk Dance Competition, the Western Duet Competition & the Choreography Dance Battles, its time for the Ramp Walk,  which was the most awaited event on Day 3.

This fashion event was executed by the student council, students and the Teachers of Gargi College. What ensued was an hour of pure entertainment. The theme of this ramp walk was Indo-Western and the models seemed to have stood up to it.  This event attracted a huge number of spectators, creating a bit of a stampede to catch a glimpse of the elegant participants.


The event began with the Teachers of the Gargi College walking the Ramp. Not wanting to be left behind in any sphere, they came forward and gave a magnificent show by walking on some hit numbers like “Move like Jagger” , “ Side to Side” , “ Bon Bon” , “Marjawa “ and “ Jalwa”.

Two of the teachers also showed their grooving skills.


The show stopper was Mrs. Sheila Dubey draped in an orange and pink saree, along with the senior teachers of Gargi College.

Following the footsteps of their Teachers, it was then turn for the students of Gargi College to walk the ramp. They walked on some popular peppy songs like “Party on Fire”, “Uptown Funk” and “Bon Bon”.


The show stopper for the Students’ slot was the President of their Fashion Team, Garima Tandon .

The wrap of the event was marked with a short walk by the Student Council of Gargi College, all of them in well fitted Red Blazers.


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Written by Vyomika Singh.

Edited by the Editorial Team.