Meet The Gifted Organisers Of IIM Indore's Atharv -


Meet The Gifted Organisers Of IIM Indore’s Atharv

College festivals mean relentless labour and hours & hours of work but at the same time they are unimaginably fun, especially if you are a part of the organizing team, which is the foundation that holds the festival in place. From ensuring smooth flow of the events to the on-the-spot glitch handling, there is a lot that the Organising Committee can be accredited with. But what we often fail to notice is the fact that the same people who remain behind the show are also the ones who shine under the spotlight.

This time, we introduce you to the talents IIM Indore boasts of – Siddhant Singh and Shoumik Bose, the fest coordinators at Atharv ’17.

Being management undergrads, it is their love for the same that drives them to put in their absolute potential into making the fest “An Animate Affair” as the theme suggests. Both of them are incredibly dedicated to revamp the event and make their aspirations for the fest materialize.


Siddhant, 21 years old, hails from Dehradun, Uttarakhand and is all about bringing brands to life and doesn’t mind some deep minimalistic music while he is at it. Besides being a straight ‘A’ student, he is a passionate graphic and web designer, has an Honour Code EdX certification in Computer Science and has worked with organizations like EDMofy, CoinBuzz, PartyOwl, and more, mainly towards widening their reach within the people. He has also designed for events like Sunburn Gurgaon and Noida and is now all set to put his skills to use yet again to make Atharv ’17 memorable.

Talking about what challenges the upcoming fest poses he says:

“Being in the Organising Committee, I guess the main problem is how to handle people who have the similar skill sets, lead a team of around 200  putting each one of them to good use, and manage and to keep them motivated for their respective jobs. And yes giving them and yourself the opportunity to enjoy the fest at the same time!”


Speaking of Shoumik, the 20-year-old loves to take part in quizzes and watch movies. He has watched every film in the top 250 movie list of IMDB. Shoumik is also active with all sorts of competitions held in and out of the campus and has been to IIT Bombay and IIT Kanpur for sports events too. He recently hosted the iconic IIT vs. IIM competition held at IIM Indore and came out as an audience favorite, all thanks to his quirky punchlines.

This is what he had to say about his passion for quizzing, inspirations and of course Atharv:

“I took my first quiz in class 1. In not much time I knew that I loved it and then there was no stopping. In the following years, I went on to participate in Limca Book of Records Quiz, Bournvita Quiz, Vodafone quiz, and more. The plan for Atharv this year is all about making it bigger, better and more lively. All of us look forward to making it an everlasting memory, more than just a college fest so that everyone takes something away, and it reaches more people. We look forward to seeing YOU!”


There is so much more to them than we can fit into words. Looking at the way both of these vibrant and energetic students talk about their passion, they are sure to go a long way and add more feathers to their institution’s cap.

Meanwhile don’t forget to visit them at IIM Indore on the 8th, 9th & 10th of September as they set the stage for the biggest cultural, management and literary fest central India has ever seen.


Written by the IIM Indore Team.
Edited by the Editorial Team.