This Week’s Top 3: Future Funks, Acrobats, & More

It’s been a great week for, with the country’s best talents showcasing their art at the country’s best college fests. From the Future Funks at Unmaad to Sai Teja at IIT Hyderabad, here are our top dance picks of this week!


Future Funks

Future Funks, the incredible dance crew of Christian College, Chennai, showcase their moves at IIM Bangalore’s Unmaad 2018. More from Unmaad here.


Akshita Dutta 

Akshita is not only a brilliant dancer, but also a state-level gymnast. Here’s her performance at India Gate, and the story behind this video itself is truly inspiring. Read about it here.


Sai Teja

Sai Teja’s solo performance is so easy on the eyes, no wonder the audience at IIT Hyderabad’s Elan and NVision hooted at every great step he did. Stay tuned for more such performances from the fest!


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By the Editorial Team.