Top College Cultural Festivals in India -


Top College Cultural Festivals in India

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo which is also known as Mood-I or MI, is the annual cultural festival of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Started in 1971 is one of the largest college cultural festivals in Asia. With over 1600 colleges and 126000 students participating every year.

The festival is not only a platform for the best young talent in colleges across the country but also an inspiration and standard setter for all the other college festivals. A three day affair of entertainment, fun and mesmerising talent.


The Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, organizes Rendezvous, which is the biggest cultural festival in North India. This annual festival takes place towards the end of October and is a four-day-long event. Rendezvous brings together a large number of students together from over 350 colleges from states in the North of India like Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, UP and Rajasthan with a participation of more than 50000 students.


Paparazzi is the annual inter-collegiate media festival of Mithibai College. Ever since its inception, it has hosted some of the quirkiest events that not just entertain the participants but also the audience.

The festival invites a large crowd of Media students from colleges across the city. Held in the last week of August over the span of three days.


Kaleidoscope is Sophia College’s annual cultural event, now in its 31st year. Sophia College celebrates its female student body, using Kaleidoscope as a platform to help them flaunt what they are capable of doing in today’s competitive world. True to its name, Kaleidoscope features a truly exhaustive spectrum of events. Kaleidoscope is held every year in September.