Top Short Films Made By College Students Showcased at Thakur College -


Top Short Films Made By College Students Showcased at Thakur College

The first event to be held at Thakur College’s Cortokino was ‘The CortoKino Event’. Catch the highlights here.

Event #2: Shoot for Change

Shoot for Change was aimed to showcase social causes via short films of about a minute. Eight movies were shown depicting different aspects of social causes and their solutions. These movies were Deaf Ears, The Drummer, Born To Die, Be the change you want to see, Bomb, Diya, The Revolution and Chit-Chat.

Bomb was that one movie whose idea was loved by the audience. It was a sarcastic approach on safety issues against bomb blasts in India. The movie revolved around terrorists casually talking with citizens about the bombs they are carrying along with them.

The most iconic one was – “Yaar! Itna lamba line hai, aaj bomb plant karne me late ho jayega. Saara crowd bhi chala gaya hoga!”

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However, the judges talked about Chit-Chat in which a mother takes a challenge to teach her child the importance of moral values and ethics day by day in a very innovative way. The movie ended with a very beautiful line which says –

“GIFT them Teachings, not materialistic things. Innovate in their language of fun and merriment. Change the individual. Change the society.”

Born to die was another amazing movie which raised questions against the female infanticide in the nation.

The competition was judged by Chitrashi Rawat, Shilpa Mehta and Umesh Shukla.

Chitrashi Rawat shared her views by saying – “Art lives long but life is short. So make such art which grows even after you.”

The winners of this event were Vikram Sethia for Chit-Chat, Yashwardhan Goswami for Bomb and Neerad Sumeet for The Revolution in the ascending order.

Shilpa Mehta summed up the event by saying – “The length of the movie be it 3 mins or 3 hours really doesn’t matter. The concept and hard work is all that matters!”

The competition ended with felicitating all the three judges and hearing a few words from them.

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Written by Saurav Kumar.

Edited by the Editorial Team.