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Want To Showcase Your Talent? ATKT.in Boombox Is Your Answer!

With our first birthday round the corner, we couldn’t help but try and make it as special for each one of you as much as it is for us. Over the past year, it has been our constant endeavour to showcase and bring to the forefront, the quality and volume of Indian college talent that exists across genres of performing, literary, fine arts, sports and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than by announcing the launch of our freshest (and one of the newest) property – the ATKT.in Boombox.

As many of you know, ATKT.in has been travelling to college festivals and college events across the country to create with some of the most talented students content that could be showcased on the platform. After reaching out to a number of extremely special students, it did not take us very long to also realise that there was a very large group of talent that we were not being able to (physically) reach and therefore, was born the ATKT.in Boombox.

The ATKT.in Boombox is your opportunity to showcase your talent through us – no matter which part of the country you may be in. With our simple guidelines, you can shoot a simple video and share with us all your relevant information through this form. What happens next is the most fun part- you become a member of the ATKT.in fam!

Post your ATKT.in Boombox submission which will be showcased on our platform, you will be added to the ATKT.in Book of Talent and we’ll be in constant touch regarding further opportunities, associations and performances. Your role? Keep sending us love – and details of what you’re doing! We’d love to keep hearing from you.

Share this so all your friends can showcase the talent they haven’t been able to – we promise to do justice!


ATKT.in Boombox Video Guidelines- Here

Talent Submission Form – Here 


By the ATKT.in Editorial Team

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