This Week on IVM: Saurabh Kanwar, Uber & More! -


This Week on IVM: Saurabh Kanwar, Uber & More!

From India’s biggest podcasting network, IVM Podcasts brings you a dose of great talk for your ears only. This week on Cyrus Says, we have’s Saurabh Kanwar while on Geek Fruit, Tejas, Dinkar and Navin defend films they like and on Seen Unseen host and journalist Amit Varma talks about Uber’s surge pricing with Karthik Shashidhar. Also, lined up is the final episode of the second season of the travel show, The Rediscovery Podcast.

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Cyrus Says: Ep. 193 – Flarepath founder Saurabh Kanwar

It’s a definitive show where the inimitable Cyrus Brocha talks about life in urban India, politics, sports, civic sense, traffic, kids, food, and everything that matters. Mostly.


On this episode of Cyrus Says, Flarepath Founder Saurabh Kanwar, opens up about why he decided to risk everything by going digital, how the US Recession of 2008 worked in his favor and what motivated him to start

Listen to Cyrus Says here.

Geek Fruit Ep. 87 – Haters Gonna Hate?

A show where estranged geeks from across India talk about the wonderful world of science – fiction, fantasy and pop culture across movies, television, comic books and video games.

Geek fruit

Hosts Tejas, Dinkar and producer Navin take this episode to defend some movies that hold a special place in their hearts, though the world hates them.

Listen to Geek Fruit here.

Seen Unseen Ep. 34 – Uber Surge Pricing

Hosted by Amit Varma, this show aims to examine both the seen and the unseen effects of public policy.


Isn’t surge pricing exploitative? Shouldn’t it be banned? Karthik Shashidhar joins Amit Varma to speak about the Unseen Effects of price caps. He also describes how Uber turned an illiquid market into a liquid one.

Listen to Seen Unseen here.

The Rediscovery Podcast Ep.10 – Your Travel Questions Answered

Political analyst Ambika Vishwanath and corporate executive Hoshner Reporter quit their day jobs in 2015 and set out on a journey to explore India.


On the final episode of the second season, the hosts answer questions from the readers and listeners on travel tips, recommendations, best routes, their favourite state to visit and more.

Listen to The Rediscovery podcast here!


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