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What To Expect at NMIMS’ Sattva

NMIMS MPSTME is all about fun embellished with learning experience when it comes to organizing a successful college festival. A Completely student oriented committee, with over 300 students working towards the success of their annual cultural fest SATTVA- La Fiesta, this time with a gist of Spain.

Below are some of the things that we are looking forward to at Sattva.


Some of the most fun and cool workshops are going to be there at Sattva. Want to try your hand (Read: fist) at Kickboxing? Or maybe try Bachata Dancing? Or even better, at Perfume making? They’ve got it all.  Sattva sure gets it.
Added bonus: They’re all for free!


Old School

Some good old fashioned events such as stand-up comedy and war of DJ’s will be making a comeback at Sattva this year. Do make sure to check them out.

Old School

Offbeat Events

We’ve already seen band events, dance events and other such events but Sattva promises some majorly offbeat events. Jenga, War of Wizards and Beatboxing Battles are only a few of the quirky events they have to offer.

Off Beat Events

War of wizards

You won’t find these bizarre psychic readers and miracle performers everywhere, displaying their highly developed skills and abilities we have Praveen (Mentalist) and Sai Gopal (Magician) who will leave you in awe as they did at NCPA Mumbai in 2015. Get a glimpse of them at Sattva this year and be prepared to be amazed!

War of Wizards

Pro Nights

This year Sattva will close the curtains on day 2 and day 3 with dynamic pronights. A live bollywood show on 11th and a glow party on the 12th featuring Javed Ali and Teri Miko. Excited yet? We have a multitude of other high profile personalities at our events.


Excited much? Stay tuned on ATKT.in for more from Sattva.