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Writers, Here’s How You Can Get Your Stories Published On Rickshaws In Bombay

Writing for many is an outlet of expression. It is liberating, spreads joy and is believed to be one of the best remedies to cure anything. A number of times, stories don’t get the attention they deserve and find themselves lost in the crowd. To break this clutter and give all you writers the opportunity of a lifetime, here’s our big surprise!

Rickshaw Diaries, one of the freshest and most interesting concepts of today is a content publishing platform catering to writers and their stories. Since Bombay and Auto Rickshaws go hand in hand, Rickshaw Diaries promises to get your 140 character story published on these black-and-yellow modes of transport in the bay.

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So writers imagine this- the citizens of Bombay hailing an auto rickshaw, getting in and reading your story! (which will of course have your name along with it). What have you got to do?

Write a story with not more than 140 characters, go to the Rickshaw Diaries website, fill in your details and submit your story. Rickshaw Diaries will pick the best ones and have them published.

What are you waiting for? Happy writing!


By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.