Meet Zeel, Mithibai-Colosseum's Talented Organiser -


Meet Zeel, Mithibai-Colosseum’s Talented Organiser

Behind every college festival, is a committee of students who are striving day and night to make it come alive. But what everybody fails to notice is that these students, who are working away silently, also have a pool of talent hidden within them, which we want to bring to the world. So, after telling you about Nidhi, the incredible Bharatnatyam Dancer from Jai Hind College, this segment of the Oh! See Talent is dedicated to another talented organizing committee member of Mithibai’s Colosseum.

Meet Zeel Shah, an FYBMS student at Mithibai College, who’s talent is a very fascinating & unique one- Beatboxing.

Zeel’s first started learning this artform when she came into college, in the 11th standard. Before that, she used to learn it on her own and in fact started performing when she was just in the 8th standard! Her first performance was at the Ganpati Celebration of her society.


As a kid, Zeel used to make different sounds from her mouth & throat, after which she was intrigued & started recreating sounds that she heard around her.

When asked about what inspires her, this is what this young beatboxer had to say,

What inspires me is that everything has a different music of its own. And I want the world to dance on my tunes.

Zeel then went on to perform at numerous parties, competitions & college festivals, like Entourage, Drishti, Malhar & Cutting Chai, where she left the audience spellbound with every performance. She feels that the most important thing for a performer is appraisal.

If an artist is coming to perform he/she has put in a lot of effort into the performance, & so whether they are comparatively good or bad, they should be judged on their qualities & not on the reputation of the college they come from.


The difference between being an organizer and a participant for Zeel is that when you are an organizer, you take care of the participants & the audience, treating everyone as your friend; but when you are a participant, everyone else is your competition.

As an artist what I learnt is that it is a different experience every time you perform. From the time you step on stage, you are the center of everybody’s attention, and so all you need to do is carry yourself with grace, leaving a good impression on the audience.

Can’t wait to watch Zeel create magic with her beatboxing at various festivals next year!


By the Editorial Team.