Our decision of deciding the top theatre and fashion show performances of the year so tough that we didn’t think anything would top that. The next category prove us wrong.

Dance is an important part of every college fest but what has gained IMMENSE popularity, charm and appreciation in the past few years is the choreography dance performances. Dancers, mostly working in Choreography Dance societies through the year, display not only their talent in the artform through this event but also their concept building and thinking abilities. A thematic dance that portrays a cause or a theme, usually performed in light classical and western styles such as contemporary, jazz and ballet. Here are our Top 3 (phew!) picks of the year for the Choreo Dance pieces:

Lady Sri Ram College’s ‘Exodus’

The Syrian Refugee Crisis is one of the most gruesome acts of all time and when LSR took to the stages at IIT Delhi, Sri Venkateswara College, Gargi College and a number of others to portray their version of the crimes and atrocities through this piece, we were left shell-shocked each time! One of the most beautifully choreographed acts we have seen, presenting, LSR’s ‘Exodus’.

Hansraj College’s ‘The Unfading’

The students of Hansraj College created magic on stage through their annual production titled ‘The Unfading’. Performed at IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo and a number of other top festivals, this production portrayed a rather thrilling story about a family. It’s not only an intriguing story but also a brilliantly executed concept. Definitely not what you would expect from college students! Watch:

Gargi College’s ‘The Portal’

‘Sheer Brilliance’ rightly describes Gargi College’s annual production ‘The Portal’. A spooky, chilling and gripping story that revolves around a girl, this dance performance took us on a magical journey of magnitude unknown. What’s great about the piece is that it leaves you smiling, speechless, numb and awestruck all at the same time. Wouldn’t you like to watch?

The fun doesn’t stop here, stay tuned for the best of the best performances of the year. Big surprises in store!

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team