Many of us stop pursuing the activities we once participated in at college & college festivals. But there are some who carry forward their passion that stemmed from their college days. Like Sophia College’s alumni, Medha Nath, whose interest in travel photography began with Kaleidoscope, here is one more such alumni of Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune (MIT), who pursued his passion even after college ended.

Meet the fab beatboxer, Yash Dadlani, an alumnus of MIT’s Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering Batch of 2015.

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The first time I was exposed to Beat boxing was back in high school while watching Blake Lewis, who was one of the contestants on American Idol 6. I was taken aback when I saw him mimicking the sounds of drums using his voice only. That’s when my friend and I started learning how to Beatbox by trying to imitate Blake Lewis. This was back when Beatboxing was not a “thing” and the fact that it was such a unique form of music and the urge within me to try and learn different forms of music and different musical instruments got me hooked on to various beatbox tutorial videos. The element of surprise that accompanied Beatboxing pushed me to learn this art form further.

Yash’s first performance was an audition for a cultural group in college. When he registered for the same, the organizers mistook it for a sports game and so, his first stage performance was a surprise package for the audience.

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What inspires Yash to perform on stage is the appreciation, reviews & the connect that he feels with the audience. He believes that it is very important for every individual to be a part of atleast one stage performance, as every performance is an experience in itself.

In college, he took part in various festivals and performed at different places in Pune. For him, college festivals played a major role in eliminating his stage fright, & instilled a sense of confidence in him.

I feel I have experienced both sides of the coin as a performer in college fests. I have performed in front of crowds where my art received appreciation in the form of unending chants and cheers, and I have also experienced a disconnected and disinterested audience who chose to throw paper balls at the performers taking the stage. You’d think I loved the first kind but I’d say that I took away a great learning experience from both the kinds of crowd which helped shape me and complete me as an individual.

Signing off, he asks college students to grab each and every opportunity that comes their way, because once college is over, it’s a totally different world, and you stop getting as many opportunities.


By the Editorial Team.