Delhi Technological University

Meet This Sensational Musician From DTU

Our Talent of the Week segment is all about shining the spotlight on some of the most extraordinary college talent that we have come across in the year gone by. And as you must’ve seen, they never cease to amaz... Read More

ATKT.in Top Instrumental Performances

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ATKT.in Top Folk Dance Performances

We probably have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. You ask why? Because we have to pick a top 3 from the different styles from the sea of great performances we witnessed over the last year. Last week... Read More
Father's Day

To Dad, With Love

There are usually three major stages in the struggling phase of every artist, a) getting accepted by your parents for choosing an unconventional career. b) getting people to appreciate your work. c) having t... Read More
Best of Student Films

ATKT.in Top Student Films

With the growing influence that films and media have on the masses, it is not that surprising that more and more people are trying their hand at film making each day. As much as we appreciate all the effort put... Read More
IP Unversity

Meet This Terrific Singer From IP University

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