St Xaviers Malhar 2016

New Additions To St Xaviers Malhar 2016

Everyone in Bombay and the country knows this weekend brings with it Malhar! (Oh! Have you met the famous Puddles?) With this year’s edition of ‘The Junction’ literally, round the corner, here are a few of the ... Read More

Meet Puddles, the Malhar Mascot

With Malhar just a few days away, you need to be acquainted with the one face you will see more than anybody’s.  The fun, energetic and rather friendly Malhar Mascot- Puddles! Puddles, The Frog This may c... Read More
Street Dance

Epic Street Dance Battles at Polaris 2016

Day two of Polaris ended with the Street Dance Event. True to its name, the event was formatted in such a way that two groups of three teams each performed simultaneously after which a winning team from each gr... Read More
Hormuz Ragina keeping the audience engaged 
PC: Aakash Lohar

The War of Words at the Polaris JAM 2016

The ‘Just Half a Minute’, an adaptation of the popular JAM was one of the most entertaining and engaging events of Polaris2hazaar16. Conducted and hosted by Hormuz Ragina, who in his college days was the younge... Read More
Wilson Colleges Polaris

Top Picks For Wilson Colleges Polaris Day 3

Seems slightly unreal, but the final day of Polaris2hazaar16 is almost here. The months of anxiety, preparation and sleep deprivation can all be seen culminating into what was an amazing first festival of the y... Read More

The Making of Mithibai’s Kshitij

As the college gates open during the onset of every monsoon, a flock of young minds and enthusiastic students can be seen barging in. Brimming with enthusiasm and zeal, they gear up to participate and compete i... Read More