Campus Princess

Meet Taarangana’s Campus Princess

Aarushi Prasad makes for a pretty picture with the winner’s crown on her head and a bouquet in her hands. She smiles and thanks people enthusiastically when they approach her to give their congratulations. The ... Read More
Fashion Show  (1)

IISER Mohali’s Pre Insomnia Carnival

IISER Mohali’s annual cultural and science festival kicks in in a month but that doesn’t stop anyone from beginning the celebrations, does it? We brought you exclusive coverage of some of the pre-fest events bu... Read More
IIT Roorkee Thomso fashion show

The IIT Roorkee Thomso Fashion Show : Vogue

As one of the most anticipated festivals draws closer, we give you some of the best events to watch out for. After telling you about Mr. & Ms. Thomso, we bring to you another event that promises to be spect... Read More
NITIE Arohan

The Stunning Fashion Show at NITIE Arohan

NITIE Arohan 2016 had an absolutely spectacular 3 day fest. Missed it? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here, we bring to you all that went down at one of their most talked-about events- the NITIE Arohan Fas... Read More