IIT Roorkee Thomso fashion show

The IIT Roorkee Thomso Fashion Show : Vogue

As one of the most anticipated festivals draws closer, we give you some of the best events to watch out for. After telling you about Mr. & Ms. Thomso, we bring to you another event that promises to be spect... Read More
NITIE Arohan

The Stunning Fashion Show at NITIE Arohan

NITIE Arohan 2016 had an absolutely spectacular 3 day fest. Missed it? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Here, we bring to you all that went down at one of their most talked-about events- the NITIE Arohan Fas... Read More

Fash P: The BITS Pilani Oasis Fashion Show

“While people may not be perfect, the clothes they wear can be.” –Fashion Club. A spirited effort toward instilling hopes in people who have the ability to traverse through lanes to the Fashionista with gracio... Read More