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The Radio Event- Paprazzi

Highlights of The Radio Event at Paparazzi

The radio event at Paparazzi- What’s in a Voice!- was unlike any other. The participants, two from each contingent, were given the chance to host their own two-minute radio show. And their task was to to plug i... Read More
Paparazzi Legal, Mock Courtroom

Paparazzi Legal: The Mock Courtroom Event

For the first time ever, Paparazzi brought to its participants a mock courtroom event. The premise was simple, participants from different contingents will be pit against one another and will have to make argum... Read More

Once Upon A Time in The Courtroom of Malhar

Definitely the most groundbreaking event of Malhar 2016, the Courtroom event organised by the Entertainment, Theatricals and Contests Department (E.T.C.) transported you to a parallel planet, quite literally. H... Read More
Atharv 16

Sneak Peek: The Flagship Events at Atharv 16

MASSIVE – the first word that comes to mind when talking about ATHARV, IIM Indore’s renowned festival starting from the 9th  of September.  The students of IIM Indore have been working very hard towards their C... Read More
Paparazzi 2016

Top Picks For Paparazzi 2016, the Media Fest

Paparazzi 2016 is finally here, and we can’t wait to see what these three days have in store this year. There isn’t a dull moment at the festival, because the organisers take their job of ensuring everyone has ... Read More
Umang 16

AnchorWomen: Top Performers At Umang 16

On Day 2 of Umang 16, we took our seats at the Journalism event - 'AnchorMan'. We could tell you more about the event but then you would miss out on the opportunity to know these two young aspiring journalists ... Read More

Writers Spotlight: Aastha Dhyani, SIES Sion

This story written by Aastha Dhyani of S.I.E.S Sion won the Creative Writing Competition at Polaris 2016, Wilson College   … And then they lived happily ever after.” The doctor finished the fairy tale o... Read More