Paparazzi is the annual inter-collegiate media festival of Mithibai College. Ever since its inception, it has hosted some of the quirkiest events that not just entertain the participants but also the audience.

The festival invites a large crowd of Media students from colleges across the city. Held in the last week of August over the span of three days, events are conducted in the music, dance, theatre, writing, speaking, sports, photography and even film making fields.

This year, the festival will also feature an event called ‘Paparazzi Legal’ which will include participants pretending to be in a mock court dealing with situations they are faced with at the time.  “The Battle of Genesis” this year is sure to be one hell of a journey, with exciting competitions, a number of other activities and great people to meet!

  • Performing Art Events
    • Trend It Like Beckham
    • Shanti Do Aunty
    • Bol Bachan
    • How I Met Your Dubber
    • Track Mein Kuch Daala Hain
    • Tie Me Free
    • Caught In The Plot
  • Fine Art Events
    • Don't Cross The Line
    • Online PR
    • Overall PR
    • Click to Escape
    • Mere Color Arjun Ayege
    • Back & Fourth
    • Sab Golmaal Hain
    • Alat Palat
  • Literary Art Events
    • Let's Hit Rewind
    • Last Brand Standing
    • Trouble In Paradise
    • The Pen That Paints


Images Captured by the ATKT Team  


Photo Credits: Paparazzi Official Facebook Page