The art of performance poetry has taken the world by storm, with many students finding it to be the perfect medium for creative expression. The latest addition to our Boombox talent is therefore, a slam poet, Foram Shah, a 12th grade Humanities student from Mithibai College.

Foram has been writing poetry for the last three years, but only recently ventured into performance poetry, after having attended several poetry slams as an audience member. Her first performance was at Soul Slam Mumbai on the 20th of March, 2016, where she performed a duet with her best friend, Prapti Ajmera about how good girls and bad girls are stereotyped into perfect and imperfect characters by society. This is what Foram had to say about her first performance:

That performance was like a turning point in my life, I fell in love with performance poetry and haven’t looked back ever since.

Since then she has performed at Tuning Fork, ArtRefurbish, and also at College Festivals like Mood Indigo and Kaleidoscope.

Watch Foram perform a powerful & heart touching poem on the taboo topic of rape:

When asked about what inspires her to perform, Foram said:

The one particular thing that inspires me to perform is my love for expression, and finding a way to express that truly, is able to touch someone’s soul. As to who inspires me, it’s the people who I am surrounded with, my friends and family. Because writing for them, around them, with them, is always a privilege and not an obligation.

Realising her dream to give back to the poetry community, Foram has co-founded an art collective called Spill Poetry along with Daaniyal Sayed. They aim to make a platform for people to showcase their poetic talent to anyone and everyone who wants access to it.



Foram claims that her college has given her a lot of scope to participate, practice and improve on her weaknesses. She wishes for college festivals to be less about winning the competition, and more about displaying new talent.

You can find her at Tuning Fork Studio every Monday for one of their traditional Poetry Night’s!


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