Mithibai College, Mumbai hosted their BMM (Mass Media), Paparazzi festival in August and reeling back, we realised there were 3 hilarious TV Commercials (or what some may call parodies) that we hadn’t brought to you. If you’re wondering what this is, this event was the uber-cool ‘So You Think You Can Sell’ competition where dancers and singers took a backseat and the editing gurus showed their magic (with the help of their actors).

Take a look at what they did with their task of selling super powers:

Second Runners Up – Jai Hind College

Jai Hind College gave their TVC a super twist adding to the bubble gum they were selling a special power – clone making!

Runners Up- National College

The students of National College took ‘funny bones’ to another level with their commercial of a lollipop with super powers. Extra points for creativity here.

Winners! Kelkar College

The winning entry for ‘So You Think You Can Sell’ at Mithibai College’s Paparazzi was that of Kelkar College. These students sold their super powers with the help of a special person – Batman!

If you haven’t already, check out the complete coverage of this spectacular festival here and stay tuned with us for all the exciting updates.

By the Editorial Team