The Cypher is an exclusive community of some of our favourite artists and talent across categories of artforms. 

For the month of July, here’s the submission of Deeksha Verender from Christ University Bangalore, a member from the (Writers) Cypher on the topic – ‘Magic’. 


Sawed me there, and you looked at the applause

like you did something dirty and you couldn’t

understand why they would cheer for you, I was

in the supermarket when the bird flew out of your

waistcoat and fluttered onto my shoulder, you were

all scorched up, how many matches did you light

when you saw me? You were all scorched up,

tired, but you glowed, like I was looking at you from

lightyears away and watching someone that was

already gone.


When you spoke of Houdini, you always came back

to the straightjacket, he ripped himself away from

the one we could see, but what about the one we couldn’t?

Upside down in New York City, you tell me you are not

an exhibition, you’d rather be dead. But the crowd never

stops watching you. But the applause never ends. They

watch you watch them, but they don’t see you staring,

not seeing much of anything,


When you saw me, your sleeves were on fire and I was

the only person in that damn store who didn’t run for

a bucket of water, you looked like lightning in the midst

of cereal boxes, and I was already yours, the first words

I said to you were, ‘I will let you saw through me any time

you want.’ Magician seeking Magician’s assistant, you

found me, and for the first time, someone did not clap when

they saw you.


Before he died, Houdini said ‘I am tired of fighting.’

You wake up some nights thinking of him.

‘But what about the straitjacket no one else could


Who applauded that?’