As most of you already know, Airplane Poetry Movement (APM) has been doing some incredible work with poets across the country, giving them the platform they deserve to place their talent before the world. So today, we bring to you an extremely talented Spoken Word Poet suggested to us by our friends at APM.

Meet Kajol Runwal, a second year economics major student at Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce & a Diploma student at Symbiosis Center of Liberal Arts, who has been writing poetry since the 7th grade, even before she knew something like Spoken Word Poetry existed. By the time she was sixteen, she wouldn’t allow anyone to read her poems, always insisting on her reading them out herself.

I used to put up small poetry readings in my cozy bedroom for an intimate circle of friends and family. Then one day, I stumbled upon Sarah Kay’s TED Talk and it struck me that there is a platform that welcomes me to give a voice to my poems, and I vividly remember going to the Facebook search bar and typing “Pune Poetry”, in a quest to find the nearest possible poetry community that there is; and that is precisely when the whole affair began.


She found Pune Poetry Slam who then directed her to Airplane Poetry Movement, which at the time was planning an under-nineteen poetry slam. Seventeen year old Kajol traveled from Kolhapur to Pune, to be a part of something that left her feeling immense.

Being the kind of girl whose head is always musing over something else during the physics class and whose notebook-margins hold plenty of couplets and interesting metaphors, Kajol draws inspiration from everyday things and everyday people. As for the artists who inspire her, she says that her list will always be under construction, since there are so many of them; it is their contagious passion that keeps her fueled.

Watch her perform this passionate and riveting piece ‘Learnings’:

Kajol has performed for two years consecutively at Symbiosis’ Annual Fest – Symagine, and a couple of times at the Army Institute of Technology’s annual poetry slam – Reverse.

I have also conducted spoken word poetry workshops in Sanjay Ghodawat Institute, Fergusson College, and for the batch of creative-writing students at Symbiosis Center of Liberal Arts. Other than that I am a regular at Pune Poetry Slam, and was recently the feature poet at their Women’s day Slam (2017) as well as at the Bullock cart poetry’s Women’s day slam at Lost the Plot, Pune. I was also lucky enough to win a chance to introduce Sarah Kay onto the stage at Airplane Poetry Movement’s National Youth Poetry Slam in Bangalore.

With so many achievements already under her wing, we can only expect great things from this talented poet! And if you are wondering where you can catch her live, we have good news for you- Kajol is in Bombay for the summer and is going to perform at an Open Mic at Khar Social on the 20th of May!

Definitely don’t want to miss out on this one now, do you?


By the Editorial Team.