Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words. – Robert Frost

The Performance Poetry Event at Flame Kurukshetra, Pune witnessed some of the most heart-touching & thought-provoking poems, from students who have found an outlet for their innermost thoughts and feelings, through poetry.

One such poet, whose piece, ‘Confessions’, touched the hearts of everybody sitting there, was Deeksha Verender. A first year psychology student at Christ University, Bangalore, Deeksha draws inspiration for her poetry from her personal life; from incidents that affect her or the people who are closest to her, along with  social topics that have a major impact on society.

‘Confessions’ too, has been inspired by personal incidents.

“This poem is based on a friend of mine; a friend who once upon a time used to be extremely religious. But when we started off at college, he began to meet new people & in the process, started losing his own identity. So, I wrote this piece to urge him into finding himself again, and to promise him that I would support him in this journey, no matter what”, she says.

Deeksha started performing less than a year ago, but when you watch her perform, there is so much confidence and emotion that you’d believe she’s been doing this for a long long time.

If you don’t believe us, take a look yourself:

Want to watch her live? Well, you’re just in luck, cause she’s going to be performing next weekend!

Where: The Humming Tree, Bangalore.

Event: The Alipore Post Offline – Curators of a day full of poetry, music & workshops.

When: 16th April, Sunday; 12 Noon – 6 PM (Poetry between 2 & 4)

Entry: Rs. 300


By the ATKT.in Editorial Team.