Chatur Ideas, a startup enabling platform, recently launched the #BeAChatur Contest. To add to the excitement being created by this challenges, students can now learn ‘start up terms’ through the mentors and the #MinuteToLearnIt campaign.

A one-minute video challenge, where mentors have to explain a startup related word and then nominate a fellow mentor to take up the same challenge has been garnering a great response. The words explained will be ones that are used in the startup industry but might be unfamiliar to many budding entrepreneurs. Fair to say, this challenge is an excellent and quick way for all of us to understand these words and learn from industry experts.


The #MinuteToLearnIt challenge was kicked off by Devesh Chawla, the founder and CEO of Chatur Ideas, with his explanation of the word ‘bootstrap’. He explained it in very simple words and with an interesting example, nominating Mr. Ajeet Khurana who spoke about ‘mentors’ and placed emphasis on how important it is for every entrepreneur to have a good mentor. Next up was Mr. Miten Mehta, their mentor from Silicon Valley explaining the word ‘AngelInvestor’ and we’re now eagerly awaiting our fourth lesson.

This challenge is going to be taken by numerous industry experts, so make sure you don’t miss out on these interesting words explained on their Facebook Page. Stay tuned with us for more exciting updates on the #BeAChatur Contest!


By the Editorial Team.