Stand up comedy has become an all-favourite event at college festivals. Students line up to watch these talented comedians talk about issues that everybody can relate with. So, for our next Talent of the Week we decided to shine the spotlight on one such comedian who leaves every single person in splits every time he performs.

Meet Naman Jain, a student of Sri Venkateswara College, who has won every competition he has performed at! Yes, he’s that good.

Here’s one of his absolutely amazing performances from IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo. Hold on to your chair cause you might just fall off laughing:

Naman’s interest in Standup started with the show ‘Laughter Challenge’ when he was just 10 years old. He loved the way people made others laugh. He even told his parents that he wants to become a comedian, even though he didn’t know how to go about doing that at the time.

I started performing in my class in free periods. I loved it. But as I grew up, I stopped performing. However, I was always the funny guy in my class. Then I became a dancer and forgot comedy.


This multi-talented student then went on to pursue dance, but what he didn’t realize at that time was that his real passion was stand-up comedy. He still remembers when he figured it out,

In Feb, 2016 there was a fest in the Institute of Home Economics, which had organized a Talent Hunt. Few of the participants backed out so the organizers were looking for backups to perform. My friend secretly gave my name, & I was called on stage. I could have danced but I don’t know why I said I will be doing standup. My friends called me crazy, but I did an impromptu and everybody went crazy! I won the Mr. 10/10 award there. That’s when I realized that my old passion is coming back.

After that, Naman performed at IIT Bombay where he defeated around 150 people to be in the finals! He has also performed at an open mic.

Talking about his aspirations this is what the amazing comedian had to say,

I wish to become a standup comedian cum actor in future, and as I come from a very small town in Madhya Pradesh, I think it will help me.

Naman is now an RJ, so we won’t be seeing much of him at college festivals, but we can’t wait for him to perform one of his rub tickling acts again!


By the Editorial Team.