College festivals are usually the best part of college life, and if you’ve ever been in the organizing committee of your college fest you would’ve experienced the excitement, sleepless nights & all the fun first hand! But like we know now, there are some hidden gems within the O.C. that remain behind the scenes- and that’s where we come in.

Last time around, we told you all about Mithibai Colosseum’s organiser Zeel’s incredible beatboxing skills. Today, we bring you another such talent from Sophia College.

Meet Aditi Rego, a psychology undergrad, who was the representative of the Creative Team at Kaleidoscope ’16. Being the spectacular artist that she is, Aditi was instrumental in coming up with as well as implementing the amazing theme for the fest that year- The Millennials.


Aditi started taking art classes when she was in the 5th grade. What started off as a fun hobby, turned into a passion real quick.

Talking about her inspirations, this is what the talented artist had to say,

I get inspired by every sort of style I see. I don’t have a particular style myself so when I see something new I think “I should try this now”. I do it to build my repertoire of styles that I can borrow and mix with others. It is especially helpful when you go for art competitions. By nature, I get very bored working with one medium so I need to keep mixing it up and changing styles. I aspire to be original and unique, and develop my own style, something distinctive.


She gives credit to Kaleidoscope for helping her develop skills in graphic design along with organization, leadership & collaborative skills which artists working  independently wouldn’t get a chance to develop otherwise. Leading a team, making decisions & delegating work is something she had not experienced before when working in a creative environment.

Aditi and her team had a number of roles to play in creating artistic content- writing articles, graphic design as well as the décor for college.


I was directly involved in the graphics and decor element of it. The key input would be the first task that starts the organisation of the fest which is to come up with a theme. It’s the most essential and difficult part of everything we do. It also influences what the other teams do.


Aditi has participated at Umaang & Malhar, and now posts all her art work on Instagram as well as Facebook. Her work has also been featured on various art pages. She doesn’t sell her work, but creates made to order things which are really unique and special. So, don’t forget to check her awesome page!

This tremendously talented artist is going to go a long way, & rest assured because we will be bringing it all to you!


By the Editorial Team.