Beatboxing is an artform that fascinates and is loved by everybody! We’ve brought to you numerous spectacular beatboxers who have made their mark in the college circuit and even beyond. But today, we bring to you a student who beatboxes with a twist.

Shivaraj Natraj, an engineering student from RV College, Bangalore, is a Carnatic Beatboxer. He started beatboxing from the 10th standard. But through his 11th & 12th standard he started developing a taste for Konnakol Beatboxing. Konnakol is the art of imitating Mridangam time signatures vocally; and Konnakol Beatboxing is the mixing of the two! Unique, isn’t it?

Watch as he displays his mind-blowing skills in this video:

Shivaraj draws inspiration from his Mrigangam gurus, YouTube videos, & his friends.

He recently got invited to the world vocal Congress ‘La Voce Artistica’!

When asked about how he came about getting selected for the conference this is what he had to say,

So basically I upload videos on social media, to showcase this unique mix of two art forms. Randomly I get a video call from Mr. Albert Hera, inviting me to perform at the world vocal Congress, “La Voce Artistica”! I was skeptical in the beginning of course, but in due course of time, it turned into reality. It is basically a convention for vocal artists.

Watch his fab cover of PPAP:

Shivaraj aspires to get into full time music someday, and is thankful to his college for supporting him with the equipment to practice his art form!

We can’t wait to see more amazing work from this talented Carnatic Beatboxer.


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By the Editorial Team.