Have you ever wondered what organising committee members do after graduating from college? Do they continue what they started pursuing in college and at college festivals or does that become just a memory tucked away with pictures and conversations?

Kaleidoscope Festival, hosted by Sophia College for Women Mumbai has become one of the most popular college fests in the country. The organising committee that works tirelessly to make the festival come to life often comprises over 300 girls and young women, with varying passions and interests who make it their motto to live and breathe Kscope. Here’s the story one of such ex-student – Medha Nath, alumnus of Sophia College’s BMM Batch of 2016 and of course, a Kscope Organiser who went on to create magic with her camera, talking about where it all began.


Medha remembers getting her first camera after her 12th Board exams as a graduation gift. Soon after, she backpacked across the globe for 7 months at a stretch, which is when she really got to play around with the camera and explore her interest in photography – which blossomed into her passion for travel photography. Her college festival, Kaleidoscope, was the key point in her photography journey.

“Until then I hadn’t explored many aspects of photography. I learnt how to use my camera manually so that I could capture exactly what I wanted visually and I learnt more than I could imagine from my seniors in the photography and films team. All of this, combined made photography more fun and exciting for me,” she says.

Crusin' (Elephenta Island) by Medha Nath

Crusin’ (Elephanta Island) by Medha Nath

Medha talks about K’scope giving her a certain kind of confidence that she hadn’t experienced before.

“Being in the organising committee of K’scope taught me how to be self sufficient and independent while having an absolute blast. What’s more important is that, it gave me the confidence in myself to achieve something without any adult supervision (which is the best part of growing up). K’scope truly made me believe that the sky’s the limit,” says the budding photographer.

After graduating from college, Medha did a lot more than just travel to practice her photography. She lived in Malawi (which is the second poorest country in the world) for four months, working with an NGO called Samarpan Foundation in Lilongwe – the capital, where she helped build a free hospital using a new technology including plastic bottles as a replacement to bricks and fishnet as a replacement to steel.

Piggy Back by Medha Nath

Piggy Back by Medha Nath

“Africa was a different type of experience, something I don’t think I could have ever imagined.I had seen poverty but this was a different kind in itself. My most important lesson was that I realised if I could live there, I could live anywhere in the entire world, which was a huge understanding for me as a budding traveller,” she says.

You Don't Have To Be The Same Species To Be Friends By Medha Nath

You Don’t Have To Be The Same Species To Be Friends By Medha Nath

During her stay in Africa, Medha visited Zambia where she went to South Luangwa National Park for her first ever Safari.

Luska Diaries by Medha Nath

Luska Diaries by Medha Nath

“It has hands down been my favourite travel experience till date. I used to love the wilderness but this experience was out of the world. It’s definitely been my most fun photographing experience and oh how I wish I could just stay there forever!”

Giraffe Split & We've Got Hippos Photo Bombing by Medha Nath

Giraffe Split & We’ve Got Hippos Photo Bombing by Medha Nath

Medha’s journey has been nothing less than extraordinary and we couldn’t be more excited to see more of the world through her eyes when she travels. To all the students out there, here’s what she had to say for you:

“College is going to be the best three years of your life so make the most of it! What you learn there and during your college festivals is exactly what is going to take you forward in life and shape you to face the real world so make sure you don’t waste that opportunity!”

You can follow Medha and stay tuned with her complete work here. 

By the ATKT.in Editorial Team