As the much awaited St. Andrews’ intercollegiate English drama competition, OLIO, draws closer, we can’t help but be curious about the plays we are going to be watching on the 5th of January. So, after we gave you an overview about this competition and its interesting theme, here is a synopsis of 3 out of the 4 plays that will be competing against each other to win the coveted prize.


Team: Jeffery Archer

Name of the Play – Misfortunes at half past seven

Time, is a coinciding riddle. It takes away, gives, hides and finds things all on its own, all in its time. Days pass by and so do hours, Steve along with his best friend Anne continue to look for his long lost love Sarah through the magical door of fortunes. A door of time so vivid that it finds lost happiness and things memorable, that maybe long forgotten. A journey of madness, love and mystery as every time the clock ticks half past seven, everyone comes back to life.

Will he find his love?

Will they ever find out what happened?

Will the clock ever tick past half past seven?

Only time will tell.


Team: Tennessee Williams

Name of the Play– Roxanne

Aarav is distraught over his wife’s alleged infidelity and has for long tried to discover the truth of his suspicions. However, reality and truth are as distinct as the differences between fire and water could ever be! As Aarav understands that his reality changes with time, so does his relationship with Avantika and the life he leads thus is at constant odds with his memory. Will Aarav get to the truth of his suspicions? Or will he in search of it loose every understanding of his reality? Who is really the victim, Aarav or Avantika? It is a story of love, which lives beyond the unities of time and place. A love never found yet realized! A love that was to be cherished but is lost to the masquerade’s time as such has played in Aarav’s life.

Name of the Play: Transcendence

It’s the year 2072, Nicholas enters a room to address the media, gives information about a scientist not being found. And finds a device that takes him to the year 2016. Here, he sees two boys Aaron and Marcus very excited on learning about Time Travel. Years later, when the two boys enter college, Aaron takes up science and Marcus philosophy. Both of them meet with conflicting ideologies. Aaron’s girlfriend too is against him creating a Time Machine. After a long time, when both the friends meet at Aaron’s house, Marcus challenges Aaron to prove whether Time Travel is possible; which is when both of them write a letter stating “How is time travel possible?” and keep the letters in a book.

Aaron is held in captivity, and that’s when Nicholas comes to him and says, “So Dr. Aaron, how is time travel possible?”


If this doesn’t interest you, we don’t know what will! Stay tuned with us for the synopsis of the remaining two plays.